Pattaya is an amazing city. The city is beyond the boundaries. 

  What was once a small fishing village, today - one of the hottest tourist spots in Asia and the most popular beachin all of Thailand. You can rent a scooter or bicycle from us, and visit the following places:


Pattaya - the most popular beach resort on the shore of the Gulf of Thailand with a well-developed infrastructure, clean sea, a large selection of cheap housing. Rest in this amazing place, will forever remain in your memory.

 Pattaya can safely be called a city-holiday, and around the clock. This place is famous for its nightlife and industry of all kinds of entertainment. Pattaya is designed for a universal tourist: there are conditions for a family holiday and for those who crave active recreation and the sea of entertainment. 

The air temperature keeps here at a level of 29 degrees throughout the year and rarely when it reaches a big difference between daytime and night temperatures. However, the resort can still distinguish three main seasons: from November to February - the so-called cool season (high season), from March to April - a hot season, from May to October - the rainy season (low season). The best time to relax in Pattaya is undoubtedly the winter. During this period it is not too stuffy, the sea is calm and safe. As for the "rainy season", this Pattaya phenomenon affects nature very sporadically - in May and September. In addition, tropical showers, as a rule, do not go wall all day. Rains in Pattaya are short-lived and most often at night, and, thanks to the hot sun, there is no trace left of them in the daytime.

Rest in Pattaya - these are excellent sandy beaches, unique nature, a cool climate, fresh sea air, developed tourist infrastructure. The resort provides an excellent opportunity to spend time as lovers of quiet and quiet, and lively, active recreation.


Jomtien Beach



The beach is located to the south of the central promenade of Pattaya (Pattaya Beach). Ten minutes drive from any Pattaya area, and you get to the main beach activity center of the resort.

The convenient location and developed infrastructure made Jomtien beach a favorite place for water sports fans (yachting and scootering, windsurfing, kitesurfing, etc.).

 Jomtien is considered an excellent place for family picnics, as well as walks along the embankment and admiring the sunrise or sunset. The wording: Thailand, Pattaya, Jomtien is a synonym for "a great holiday" for many people.


The best hotels in Pattaya are located here, but apart from expensive and prestigious hotels, Jomtien has a large number of mini-hotels, condominiums, guesthouses offering cheap accommodation in Pattaya.













Walking Street 


    The main attraction of one of the most popular resorts in Thailand is not a beautiful temple or a bay with paradise islands, but a neon-shining street, beckoning tourists coming here.

Since Pattaya was opened in the 1960s by American soldiers, this place from a deaf fishing village has turned into one of the hottest tourist destinations in Asia. All kinds of entertainment are concentrated in bars and clubs on the most famous street in Pattaya.

Ask your friends or acquaintances who have already visited Thailand: "how to rest in Pattaya?" - hear the most diverse responses, but none of the tourists will remain indifferent.

The desire to rent cheap accommodation in Pattaya and entertain at Walking Street is common among many Russians.













Excursion to the river Kwai


      The central point of this excursion is the bridge over the river Kwai, which witnessed the tragic events of the mid-20th century. This bridge, erected by the hands of hundreds of prisoners of war on the "railroad of death" in Burma, ironically turned after the war from the symbol of foreign occupation to one of the most popular Places for sightseeing in Thailand.

The bridge over the river Kwai is located 130 km west of Bangkok, near the city of Kanchanaburi. You can get to the place by air-conditioned bus from the Southern Bus Terminal  or by train. Trains leave early in the morning from the Hualampong station and Thonburistation. Taxi from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi will cost $ 96. The total duration of a one-day excursion from Bangkok is about 8 hours.

The construction of a strategic railroad from Thailand to Burma was paid for by the lives of about 100,000 prisoners of war (1 railway sleepers = 1 death), which the Japanese forced to work in unbearable, even by Asian standards conditions. Plunge into the atmosphere of those tragic events can be at the central point of the "road of death" - a bridge across the Kwai River, located at the confluence of the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai Rivers. The railway route from Bangkok to the destination station in Kanchanaburi (River Kwai Bridge station) passes through the breathtaking Wamp Po Viagh  - a piece of canvas built right into the sheer cliff.

Today the bridge, like the whole railway, has become a memorial complex, next to which there are museums, a military cemetery, hotels and snack bars for tourists.

In addition to visiting the sites associated with the history of World War II, during the excursion to the River Kwai you will be offered an extensive program including rafting, a trip to the picturesque Helfair Pass and the Three Pagod Gorge, excursions to Wat Tamkaopun Cave Temple, the beautiful Erawan and Saiyok Waterfalls , On an elephant farm ($ 21-43), in a monkey school ($ 5) or in a tiger temple ($ 20).


An excursion to the Kwai River costs from 2,500 to 6,000 baht per person and can last from 1 to 3 days.













The Temple of Truth


The Temple of Truth is a 105-meter wooden temple designed to demonstrate contemporary religious art, currently under construction in Pattaya. The construction was initiated on the initiative and on the funds of Leka Viriyaphant an eccentric Thai millionaire and patron of culture.

The temple, which began construction in 1981, is built in the style of ancient Khmer architecture, similar to the one that can be seen in Angkor, and is completely covered with hand-carved wooden sculptures. It has four groups representing images relating to the Buddhist and Hindu religions and mythologies of Cambodia, China, India and Thailand, respectively.

According to the official website, the purpose of the temple is to use art and culture as "a reflection of the eastern vision of the world, ancient knowledge and eastern philosophy. In this complex, visitors will come to understand the lives of past generations, human responsibility, the fundamental philosophical principles of the life cycle, the relationship with the universe and the main goal of life to achieve Utopia. " Entrance fee to the Temple of Truth is 500 Thai Baht per person (both for Thai citizens and for foreigners).












Crocodile Farm and Millstone Park


A mixture of a zoo, a circus, a paleontological museum and a landscape park, a visit which can amaze the imagination of even a hardened skeptic. Not surprisingly, many sightseeing tours to Pattaya include a visit to this park.

In order to visit the park, it is not necessary to buy a sightseeing tour in Pattaya. It is enough to catch a moto-taxi on one of the city streets ($ 3-4), which will take you comfortably to the place (9 km from Pattaya) and wait for you free to take it back.

This park in Pattaya consists of several main parts:


A garden of exotic plants and flowers - here you can find beautiful examples of petrified trees that are more than several million years old

Crocodile farm where you can see many species of these reptiles, feed them and admire the crocodile show.

Zoo, in which not only you can admire various animals (tigers, bears, elephants, ostriches, buffaloes, etc.), but also feed the giant catfish swimming in the pool ($ 1.5). With each of the animals you can take a picture for yourself for an additional $ 3 or use the services of a local professional photographer for $ 6 (printed photos can be taken at the exit)

On the territory of this park in Pattaya you can move independently or on a special paravozike or horse cart ($ 0.6). In the park of millet-stones, you can quickly grab a snack at a local cafe and buy something for memory in the souvenir shop located inside.












Oceanarium "Underwater World"


The main oceanarium of Pattaya is located next to the picturesque beaches of the southern part of the resort (near the popular Tesco Lotus hypermarket). The Oceanarium "Underwater World" is inhabited by more than two and a half thousand inhabitants of the sea. For exotic fish and animals in the "Underwater World" can be observed in conditions as close to natural. Here you can also see the feeding of the inhabitants of giant aquariums or touch them in a special outdoor pool.


The most spectacular part of the "Underwater World" is a 100-meter transparent tunnel, which allows visitors to this oceanarium in Pattaya to literally make a trip to the bottom of the sea. For a substantial surcharge ($ 100) visitors can make an underwater dive into the pool with sharks and rays.












Koh Lan Island


Ko-Lan or Coral Island is located 7.5 km west of Pattaya. The island is only about 6 km2. There are 6 beautiful beaches with well-developed infrastructure: "banana", water skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, etc. Along the beaches stretches a chain of restaurants and cafes. The road from the port of Pattaya to the ferry takes about 30-45 minutes, the ticket will cost 30 baht. Ferries leave from Pattaya once an hour from 07:00 am to 6:30 pm. An alternative to ferries can be renting a boat: the comfort is noticeably longer and the road takes only about 15 minutes, but you'll have to pay about 1500-2000 baht for this pleasure. Freight boats are offered on all major beaches. There are two observation platforms where you can drop in and make beautiful photos. There are also two Buddhist temples. One of them is in the main village of the island near the pier, the second on the highest point of the island near the beach of Tavaen.

Near the beach of Tayai there is a shooting gallery where you can shoot from real weapons.




















Travesty show "Tiffany"



The first performances of "Tiffany" began in 1974 with a team of three enthusiasts. Over time, the popularity of the show grew and now it employs more than 100 beautiful "Catholics" -Thai young men who have become thanks to the achievements of modern medicine by equally beautiful girls. Participants for this show are annually selected among a multitude of people from all over the country. Get into the troupe "Tiffany" for many transsexuals - the dream of a lifetime.

Representations of "Tiffany" are staged in the style of cabaret - the repertoire includes humorous sketches, and traditional Thai dances, and simply colorful defile in chic costumes. "Tiffany" - this is a really beautiful, bright, high-quality show, not inferior to the level of the Parisian "Lido" and "Moulin Rouge".

The theater hall can accommodate up to 1000 spectators. Here you can meet people of all nationalities and ages: from children to old people who want to touch the fearlessness and mystique of Asia. This event, which has already become the "calling card" of Pattaya, is filled with the energy of the explosion, mixing the whole spectrum of emotions into a single whole.

Photographing during the show is strictly prohibited. For the observance of this rule, the whole staff constantly patrolling the spectators' ranks of guards. Each performance lasts about an hour, after which all the Catholics involved in it go out with pleasure to pose for photographers for a small reward.